Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Honeymoon Part 1 - Santorini! (photo overload)

How convenient is it that day #7 for #Blogtober14 happens to be "Best/Worst Vacation"?!  I just HAPPEN to have honeymoon photos that I've been dying to share!  So I'm going to skip the "worst" vacation part and stick to the "best" vacation :-)

Rather that photo OVERload, I've decided to just post our first day in Santorini.  I tried to post our entire Santorini stay, but realized I was using far too many photos.

On day #1 Aaron and I went into the town of Fira to explore.  We decided we wanted to do the hike from Fira to Oia which attracts only a fraction of Santorini's visitors.

The hike was beautiful, LONG, but beautiful.  It was secluded which was a nice change of pace considering everything was packed with tourists.

View of breakfast at our hotel

I married that goober

After our long hike, we re-hydrated shortly and decided we should descend the 218 steps down to the pier.  It wasn't long after we started that I realized I was living out my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants DREAM!  We were walking straight down to the pier while passing donkeys and little cave dwellings.

My little heart was thumping away.

View from the pier - Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, anyone!!?!

The water was GORGEOUS.  Had Aaron and I really been on top of things we would have brought a bathing suit to join the rock jumpers near the pier.  But instead we just watched.
Then hiked back up the stairs just in time for the famous Oia sunset.

We were so exhausted from our hiking we missed dinner.

….. two nights in a row.

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  1. More, more, more! I hope you have a million more of these posts coming! This is GORGEOUS!! I hope to go someday! What a perfect honeymoon for a perfect couple!

  2. Oh my gosh, you're making me SO jealous of your trip!!! Greece is like a top destination for me. Love your pictures, love your blog!!! New follower here! :)

  3. Uhmmm...OMG YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I've been seeing a lot more people visiting Santorini lately. Was it an expensive honeymoon spot? I maaaay or may not be in the market for one of those ;)

  4. My eyes were taking in the pictures first and I swear I was thinking "That looks like Sisterhood of Traveling Pants" and then I saw what you had written!

  5. Amazing pictures! It always gets me when I see the way the homes are built into the sides of the land!

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Wow, this looks gorgeous! And so fun!

  7. 1) Congrats on getting married! And 2) these photos are absolutely gorgeous! This really makes me want to go to Santorini!

  8. Looks so amazing!!! I want to go there so badly. Have a great honeymoon!


  9. Wow! Gorgeous! Looks like an amazing trip! Happy Honeymoon!

  10. What an amazing looking trip!

  11. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  12. Wow! So gorgeous! Santorini is on my list of places to visit ... eventually!

  13. I am dying to go to Santorini, these pictures are beautiful!

  14. oooh my gossssh. this looks amazing. and your pictures are phenomenal! i am extremely jealous. my husband and i are talking about a Mediterranean trip next year for our 5 year anniversary, so i might be asking you to tips and recommendations because Santorini is definitely on my to-see list.

  15. these are photos definitely to keep, looks like a wonderful honeymoon. santorini looks like an absolutely beautiful and magical place!!

  16. Swoon swoon swoon! These pictures are GORGEOUS! You two are a beautiful couple and you guys seem to have a blast!

  17. JEALOUS! Looks like an amazing time!


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