Wednesday, July 02, 2014

That time I was a bridesmaid

What better way to talk about Wedding Wednesday than to talk about the wedding I was recently in!

On June 7th my amazing friend, Allison, married the love of her life.  I was so excited that she included me in her special day as a bridesmaid.

The Dress

We ordered our bridesmaid dresses from Weddington Way.  Similar to my upcoming wedding, Allison struggled with all of her bridesmaids living in different states.  Weddington Way made it easy for us to all go "bridesmaid dress shopping" without physically being located in the same room.  I loved Weddington Way so much I even used it for my bridesmaids!

You'll see our dresses were a BEAUTIFUL purple.  These colors POPPED.  And even better, Allison really stood out as the bride with two contrasting colors.

The Shoes

While the shoes took great photos, they came off as soon as the cameras turned off.  Luckily for us Allison purchased flippy floppies for us for the reception so we could boogy all night.

The Event

... was amazing!  Everything.  
The cake was delicious.  
Her photographer, Jeramie Lu, was so much fun to work with.  
The food at Wild River Grille was DELICIOUS
The dancing lasted all night long
Basically, the entire event was a success.

Congratulations dear friend!! 
NC Belle In Boots


  1. You girls look AMAZING in that color!! I love all the different styles too!! Your dress is one of the styles I was always obsessed with... and then I loved the high neck one, too! Very Jackie Kennedy!!

  2. Purple is your color! You looked great in that dress!

  3. How exciting! I love how all the bridesmaids had a different style of dress. Very cute! Your necklace was super cute, by the way! :)

  4. Love the color of the dresses! Looks like a wonderful day! :-)

  5. that color purple looks so good with your hair color!

  6. what a thoughtful bride buying you floppies after the ceremony so you can dance the night away NOT in pain! i love the color of dress she picked out and the bride's dress is just gorgeous

  7. Those dresses are gorgeous! And that color is so pretty!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    { Lisa @ Showered With Design }

  8. you are gorgeous and i love the color of that dress!


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