Monday, June 30, 2014

Update on my mom's recovery

Hi Friends!

As many of you may remember, my mom was recently in a horrible accident while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas.  
You can read my original bloggy post here

After her injury she struggled to stay alive and keep her lungs working for weeks.  She then relocated to an amazing rehabilitation hospital in Denver, CO.  The Craig Center is truly amazing and pushed my mom to a level she required for recovery.

My mom was recently discharged from The Craig Hospital and traveled back home to Reno, NV.  I could go on and on about her recovery, her progress, and her spirits.  It's all wonderful.

But tugging at my heart strings right now is an article that was written in the local Reno newspaper (Reno Gazette Journal) about my mom and my step-brother, Bryce.  

Rather than spoil it, I encourage you all to read the article here 
I warn you - bring a box of tissues.

And if that's not enough, one of my mom's running pals, Chihping Fu, also dedicated one of his runs to my mom.


  1. OMG. This is SO amazing. I am so happy for you all! Such an inspiring story! Keep us posted.

  2. I was so, so happy when you posted that video of your mom on instagram the other day :)


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