Friday, July 18, 2014


Alright ladies - this was recommended to me so I'm going to pass this along to my bloggy world.

I do not watch the morning news.  I cherish my sleep and leave the house by 5:00 AM for work.
I do not read the newspaper.  I hate the way it feels.  And I'm too cheap to buy it every day.

Basically, I never stay up to date on current issues and happenings.

One of my co-workers recommended theSkimm.  I've loved it so much I thought I'd pass it along to my bloggy friends!

Basically, theSkimm is for the lazy/cheap people like me. 
ONE summarized email is sent each morning with an overall summary of hot topics in the news.  Should you choose to research further, there are links provided in the email. 
And if you're anything like me, one article will snowball into another making it easy to continue reading various articles.

I'm not getting any sweet perks or swag for blogging about this - I'm just genuinely trying to share the love. :-) 
I signed up for the emails to give this a try and find that each morning I look forward to my daily email!

Give it a try. 
Or not. 
But it's a good way to stay educated on current issues and understand what's going on in the world :-)

What sites/resources do you use for your daily dose of news?


  1. I do watch and read the news on a daily basis but I think I'm going to stop, I don't think I can handle the negativity anymore. Nothing good ever seems to be broadcast and the tragic fate of flight MH17 in Ukraine yesterday just tipped me over the edge :(

    Fiona @

  2. I don't watch news or read news papers either but my phone has a feature that allows it to pull stories into a news feed on my home screen. when I feel the need to catch up on current events I just scroll through.
    theSkimm sounds like a really good idea though. Thanks for sharing :D

  3. I definitely need to register for this! I try to stay away from too much news because it is so depressing, but it is so important to stay up to date on current events.

  4. That is so neat! I, too, never watch the news...1) because I don't want to wake up to watch it, and 2) it depresses me! Lol so this is a nice alternative!

  5. the skimm is great, i've been a subscriber for a while now!
    dropping by from the hop :)

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  6. Thanks for sharing! I usually grab my news on Buzzfeed but i'll have to check this out! :)

  7. This is a great idea. I stepped away from the news while my Husband was deployed and hardly watch it now because it's so depressing and it's the same sad news over and over again.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Definitely need this! I have a CNN app on my phone so I get random alerts to know whats going but other than that I'm clueless. At the end of the day after work I hate to admit instead of the news I'd rather put on real housewives and veg out while I relax. Signing up now. Thanks for sharing!

  9. hmmm don't judge but i get my news from fox news it is pretty much on all day i said don't judge ok thanks :-) and the only newspaper i get is the sunday one so I could get all the coupons :-)


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