Thursday, September 20, 2012

Toothpaste, Gum, Savings OH MY

I recently paid $3 for $17 worth of items and got back $7.  Can anyone say $4 profit??

My obsession with coupons is no secret around my house.  My boyfriend puts up with coupons throughout the house.

Every now and then he'll find a coupon on the ground and say, "Can I throw this away?"


... I mean, "Darling boyfriend, of course not."

I'm not extreme by any means, but goodness I love that Extreme Couponing show.

Here is my latest purchase from Walgreens (and keep in mind, I had recently used all of my colgate and Glade coupons, so I wasn't able to use those but my savings would have been even GREATER):

2 Colgate Toothpaste for $6 (regular price = $3.89 each)
Received $3 Register Rewards (RR)
Total: $6
Received Back:  $3

2 ID Gum by Stride for $2 (regular price = $1.49 each)
Received 1,000 Reward Points (=$1)
Used $1 of 2 coupons
Total: $1
Received Back: $1

3 Glade Air Freshener Holders for $4 (regular price = $2.29 each)
Received $2 Register Rewards
Received $1 Reward Points (=$1)
Total:  $4
Received Back:  $3

I used $8 worth of Register Rewards from previous purchases (shaving razors!).  Keep in mind I only used 1 coupon since I had already used my others for previous purchases, however I could have used two $.75 off for colgate ($1.50) and two $1 off for Glade ($2) meaning I wouldn't have paid ANYTHING.

But here's what I did anyway
Total After Coupons and Sale Prices:  $11
Register Rewards Used:  $8
Total Paid:  $3
Total Received Back:  $7


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