Thursday, September 13, 2012

My baking bff

I have a ton of little recipes I have been wanting to post.  I always take pictures when I'm cooking my favorite meals, but never actually get around to writing the blog post.

Talk about lazy, right?
Cake by Santanna
Well tonight I took all of my pictures and sat down at my computer and WHAT DID I DO???

.... I went on Facebook.

But you see, there's a happy ending for all of us.

Whenever I am cooking my little recipes or making my boyfriend dinner, I think:

"Damn, I'm a GOOD COOK!  But still probably not as good as Santanna."

Santanna has been my best friend since the second grade.  And Santanna is a master chef.  ... actually, she's a pastry chef.  But I'm sure she can be a master pastry chef, right?  At the young age of 25, Santanna has been a chef for years and has proven her talent in the industry.

**Click here to read a bloggy post about her**

Anywho, so I log onto facebook and see that Santanna was co-hosting a video for some Madeleine cookies. 

Watch this video and tell me:
1. Doesn't this make you want to make these cookies?!?
2. Is your kitchen ever this clean when baking?  I know my kitchen is disaster-zone-central after baking anything
3. Isn't my best friend a gem?  Whatta catch :-)

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