Saturday, November 05, 2011

Irrigation Ditch Awareness

It has been a while since my beautiful Noki baby was killed.

This is a difficult post to write, but for some reason I felt it was needed to raise any awareness possible.

I always thought if my Noki was taken from me and my family, it would be due to
  1. A coyote attack (which he miraculously survived)
  2. An owl attack (which happens in my parents neighborhood!)
  3. Or him being hit by a car (something common for any neighborhood)

I never ever ever ever ever suspected my Noki baby would drown. 

But that's what happen.  I drove to my parents house and both my mom and step-dad walked up to me... a little less chipper than usual.  I looked at them and rolled my eyes and said, "Whose dog died?!"

Mine, apparently.

I am still devastated.  My mom is heart broken.  Our family friends are shocked.  Why was he taken so early?

What happened was Noki drowned in an irrigation ditch near my parents house.  I'm not sure if it had anything do to with the water levels this year compared to years in the past, however my step-dad was taking Noki for a walk and decided to let Noki play in the water because he LOVELOVELOVES water.  Unfortunately, he was a little too close to the hole-that-goes-under-ground (sorry for my lack of irrigation ditch jargon) and he was sucked under, instantly.

It was a freak accident.

The reason this topic needs awareness is this:
Roughly a week later a little boy decided to play in the water in the same exact spot.  Before he realized, he too got sucked in the ditch-hole-area.  Fortunately for the boy, since he was larger than an 8 pound Yorkie, his head stuck out of the water.  However it took 4 grown men trying to pull this boy out of the water with no success.  They finally had to cut the water supply up the road in order to pull him out.

That's how strong the current was!!!

Please please please, if you have dogs, DO NOT LET THEM PLAY IN AN IRRIGATION DITCH!  Not near the hole where the water goes under ground.  Not if there is a strong current.  Noki has always played in the irrigation ditch - this has never been an issue before so this has caught everyone by surprise.  Our family is devastated that we lost our Noki Baby, Nokermeister, Noki Poki...

Sorry the video seems dark!  This is Puppy Noki!

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