Thursday, November 03, 2011

School + Work = Fall 2011

This semester has been INSANE! 

I am 47.89 days away from completing my LAST EVER FINAL EXAM!! 

I am not quite as bitter as I was this time last semester - if you recall some blog posts, I was extremely bitter and here's why:


I get extremely angry when I hear people complaining who:
  1. Only go to school with 4-5 classes.  Good for you.  Now try it with a job simultaneously.
  2. Only work and get to go home after work. And work out.  Or put on pajamas.  Whereas I'm in class.  Till 10pm. 
  3. Go to school with a few classes.  And work Part Time.  I hate you.  And your life.  Not fair.
I honestly can't believe I am mentally stable this Fall.  I thought I would have had several breakdowns by now, and I've only had ONE (shout out to my mom who sat on the phone with me while I cried and pouted).

With that being said, here is what I have this semester.
  • Work (obviously) 40+ hours per week
  • BADM 781 - Strategic Management what?
  • BADM 791 - Leadership leadership leadership
  • BADM 750 - Information Systems rocks
  • CEP 613 - My random education/telecommunications class
It's not an ideal schedule.  It's grad student suicide.  But guess who only has 47.89 days left... THIS GIRL!!

So with that being said, these are the things I'm looking forward to in 47.90 days:
  • Working out again
  • TV
  • Sleep
  • My family
  • TV
  • My boyfriend
  • My friends/Lou
  • Using my weekends to do fun stuff - not homework and preparing meals for the upcoming week
  • TV
  • Pajamas after work
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Cooking
  • Reading for fun, not pain and misery
  • Shopping
  • Not climbing because it's cold outside and I'm a wuss
  • Hanging with Friends
  • Words with Friends
  • Friends
Yup.  I'll think of more.

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