Thursday, April 22, 2010

This, that, these, those, or none

I am conflicted.

End of story.

I am in the COBALabs where I should be finishing my homework for my 7-9:45pm class, but instead I have a certain "MLS Listing" pulled up on my computer. 

Yup - A House!!

I am so excited I found the most adorable house that was love at first site.  I saw the house, looked at John and squealed "I LOVE IT!"  Ok, so it needs a new roof.  It probably needs a new water heater too.  It probably need a lot of new things which is why it's going for $75K (hey, call me cheap!).  But I love it, and it's something that has finally caught my eye.

Unfortunately I'm conflicted.  I feel like I'm playing blackjack and I have a hand where I could either win a TON or lose a TON so I'm begging other people to tell me what to do so that I don't have to make the decision and take the fault of potentially losing money.  "What should I doooooooo?"

  • Make an offer? 
  • Don't make an offer? 
  • Let an amazing opportunity pass me up? 
  • Maybe there's a better opportunity down the road? 
  • Perhaps I'll go bankrupt and die a horrible death where the banks come after me and shave my head then call me fat.

I need support and I feel like I want support from everyone.  But I think when I say "support" I'm asking for someone to coddle me in their arms, tell me "everything is going to be ok," then tell me what to do.

.... like when you're in the 1st grade and your best friend breaks her arm so you think it's the end of the world.  Then your mom gives you a hug and says, "You know what?  She's going to be ok!  This too shall pass" and then all of a sudden everything is ok again.

That's what I want.

P.S. I would post a picture but I don't want anyone to steal my house so I'm keeping it a secret (haha and I'm totally serious)


  1. Babe, your blurbs crack me up!!!! GET IT!!!!!!

  2. You could always put an offer that contingent on an inspection, or ask if you can do an inspection of the house with your own inspector prior to placing an offer.

  3. ooo we just learned about all of this! You should do it!!

  4. Lisa Marie9:44 PM

    I love the house photo!! So cute.


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