Monday, December 01, 2014

Trampolines and Cold Hikes

My whine level is at an all time high today
Does it have to be Monday?

As with everyone else, I'm posting about my weekend today :-)  
Aaron and I weren't able to fly home for Thanksgiving since we took pretty much the entire month of September off to go get hitched.

So we stayed in Portland and had Thanksgiving with a friends family.  We were incredibly Thankful to have a family take us in, and had one of THE BEST dinners we've had in a while.

Aaron's brother and sister-in-law flew in the next day for the long weekend so we've spent the weekend playing in Portland.  
Not half bad huh?

We went to one of those trampoline gyms and BOY HOWDY we burned so many calories! 

Also, pretty sure we were the only adults jumping in the gym.  The rest of the adults were sitting nearby watching us their young children jump enthusiastically.  

I mean
If there's any way to act and feel like a 10 year old 
it's in an trampoline gym.
So to my fellow PDX friends out there - you should all check out the trampoline gyms and invite me so I can come get my 10-year-old-jumping on

**Side Note - We played trampoline dodgeball and guess who KILLED IT! 
This girl.
I always thought I was horrible at dodgeball....
...Turns out I just need to play with 10-year olds.

We also thought it would be a good idea to go for a hike on Sunday.
On freezing cold, super windy, Sunday.

We went to Beacon Rock where we nearly got blown off the cliff
But we survived, took photos, and ran down the hill.

And now it's Monday
And time to work.
So I'll end my blogging and continue my whining.

Happy Monday lovely schnookum friends!


  1. That is such a great idea to go to a trampoline gym!! Now I want to go!!!

  2. These photos are amazing!!! that hike looks colllllld tho

  3. I have wanted to try one of those trampoline places for awhile!!

  4. awwww you guys are seriously SO cute!!! and yes -I have wanted to try one of those trampoline gyms for a while too. you might've persuaded me to get on it in the near future ;)

  5. I looooove the adventures you two go on! We need to move there so that we can double with you guys all the time ;)
    Trampoline dodgeball sounds like so much FUN!

  6. Trampoline gym, YES

  7. Thanks guys for sharing such brilliant post with all of us, surely nobody can defeat this. Rob Stone


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