Monday, May 12, 2014

Trip to Denver, CO

Time for a mom update!

Mom was accepted into the Craig Hospital rehabilitation program in Denver, CO.  We were all so excited for her to fly to CO and start making progress.

Her first week consisted of assessments and exams to determine her health.  One outcome of these assessments was to move her nasal feeding tube to her tummy (G Tube).  Unfortunately, this procedure set mom back another week+ as the surgeon who performed mom's procedure accidentally punctured a hole in her stomach and didn't catch it until three days later.  This was a huge setback for mom as she was no longer able to focus on recovery, but was stuck in a trauma unit focused on thriving from her correction procedure.

Aaron and I decided to visit mom, and just happened to fly in following her procedure.  It was difficult at first, but none of this is her fault and we had to continue to remind ourselves of that.

Here are some pictures of my adorable little mom!

I have the sweetest fiance
Happy Birthday!  May the 4th be with you.

Aaron and I were also able to get a hike in!  We were hoping to do more, but felt it was important to stay with mom as much as possible.  He's a real trooper, that fiancé of mine.

We hiked Bear Peak.  It was only 8-ish miles so I thought it would be cake.  NO!  I blame the elevation, but lordy I struggled up that entire mountain!  My toe turned black from the last hike we did, so I was just waiting for my other toe to turn black too.

Regardless of my out-of-shapeness, we still had a blast :-)  And the views were beautiful!!

And as always, you can get updates via mom's Caring Bridge site:
Caring Bridge


  1. That is crazy that you were here in Colorado and hiked Bear this weekend! We did the three Flatiron Guardian peaks on Saturday and Bear is the second one of those. What day were you guys there, that would have been crazy if I recognized a blog friend up there.
    Glad to hear your mom is doing well and is in a good program to help with rehab!

  2. <3<3<3 Your mom is so amazing. Adorable PT video - she's doing great and how awesome to have people around to scratch her nose. Sorry for the unfortunate setback :( I hope you're okay through all of this, too.

  3. I'm glad your mom is doing better!

  4. What a beautiful hike. So glad your mom is doing a bit better and she can really focus on getting better and stronger! Thinking of you!

  5. so happy to hear she was accepted to the place in Denver and you got to be there with her. I am sure this isn't easy for any of you, but she seems so strong !!!

  6. Your mom is looking good!
    That is a beautiful hike.


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