Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello Portland

Living in Oregon is... different.  It's wet.  It's green.  There are colorful people.  Everyone bikes everywhere.  There's public transportation (like.. real public transportation.  Not just the piddly buses in Reno).

Now that have permanently moved to Portland, I thought I would share some interesting factoids!
  • Did you know that it's legal to be naked in public?  Yup.  In fact, it is celebrated by a naked Bike Ride.  Nothing screams FREEDOM to me like plopping your bare naked booty on a cold hard bike seat to glorify why we cherish underwear and pants.  Hello Burning Man???
  • Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states without self-serve gas stations.  
  • The state fish is the Chinook Salmon
  • Portland is known as the City of Roses
  • The Columbia River Gorge is considered to be the best place in the world for wind surfing
  • Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state
  • Portland was almost named "Boston, Oregon."  It was named by the flip of a coin by its two original settlers, Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove.  Lovejoy wanted to name the new settlement after his hometown of Boston and Pettygrove wanted to name it after his hometown of Portland, Maine.
  • There is no sales tax
  •  The Portland metro area is the largest craft brewing market in the US
  • On the East side of the river, 20 blocks is almost always one (1) mile
  • Oregon hosts FIVE beer festivals throughout the year, including the largest craft beer festival in North America (The Oregon Brewer's Festival).

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