Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Oregon Trip: Number THREE (day 2-3)

After our lovely reunion, Aaron had everything planned for the next day!  I LOVED THIS!

We drove up to Seattle and stayed at a BEAUTIFUL hotel with a view of the ocean.  This room was amazing and I purposely looked away when Aaron paid the bill (I don't even want to know what he paid - ignorance is bliss right?).  We dropped off our bags and played around in Seattle until dinner. 

We had dinner at an adorable place called Poppy.  Aaron researched the location we were staying and the restaurants in the area so we were able to walk to the restaurant from our hotel and not have to worry about the Washington drivers :-)  I can't even describe what Poppy was like - the menu creations were... interesting... BUT DELICIOUS!  I was so impressed with Aarons initiative to make this day a wonderful day for my visit - it was short but definitely sweet.


Dessert Menu?

We stayed in our wonderful room then booked it out of Seattle the next day.  Short and sweet :-)

On our way back to Portland, we took a mini-detour and went to the TILLAMOOK CHEESE FACTORY!!  I lovelovelove cheese so I was so excited!!  Apparently - at the Tillamook cheese factory there is epic ice cream so we started off our cheese tour with some yummy ice cream:

Then ended the cheese tour with FREE CHEESE SAMPLES!

Leaving the cheese factory I was a little ready to get back to Portland, but Aaron suggested visiting the coast since the cheese factory is a good 5 minute drive to the coast.  We decided to go to Cannon Beach (boyfriend saw a post card in the cheese factory for this beach and decided this is where we were going to go).

The beach was AMAZING!  I have never seen boyfriend so happy where there weren't any mountains!  There were, of course, two rock-type-of-formations that he was ENTHRALLED by.  Naturally, we had to visit the rock formations.



The view while eating dinner


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Hey you two love birds!! Ya make me sick.. Love the update and also the beach. I think those rock formations were on my favorite movie "Goonies". Maybe...

    I love you two so much.

    James M.

  2. OMG best trip ever. I love Seattle and I must get some of that ice cream...asap.


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