Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Oregon Trip: Number THREE (day 1)

I'm slowly learning to like Oregon.  My very first trip to Oregon I spent one day a few hours in the city, then got so scared that I hid in the hotel room for the rest of the weekend (keep in mind that I was alone).  In the few short hours I spent in the city I had:
  • Witnessed a drug deal
  • Been followed by a mentally unstable man who pointed at me and said, "I want THAT one."
  • A bum follow me to my car

I hated it.

So my next trip to Oregon was to move my boyfriend to his new home.  Again - I hated it.  His apartment hallways smelled like incense (sp??), the actual apartment smelled like fish, and the weather was muggy.  Fail.

So this was my most recent trip - we had a BLAST!  I loved it!  My boyfriend pulled out all of the stops and made sure I had a wonderful time.  We started with a little hike to the top of Multnomah Falls.  It was beautiful!!

After the falls we went to the FISH HATCHERY!  I love love love fish!  

And on our way back we stopped on the side of the road to view the beautiful Oregon sunsets.

We decided to go on a movie-date because that is something we both definitely took for granted.  I love love movie dates - I'd rather watch a movie at night than party at a club any day.  So we went to dinner (see my Yelp Review of Broadway Grill and Brewery) then caught a movie down the street.  I was in HOG HEAVEN spending so much time with my honey :-)


  1. yay! Oregon isn't too bad, I really want to get to Astoria and see the coast and everything.

  2. Aaron and I were going to go to Astoria the last weekend of September!!! We ended up having to cancel the trip, but next time I fly up there that's where we are going!! It seems so adorable!! Miss you Ginger :-) Thanks for reading my bloggy :-)

  3. oh I love Oregon, but have to agree with you-almost every time I visit, I witness some interesting things.
    You could have checked out Powell's Bookstore (super COOL bookstore in downtown Portland). There is also VooDoo Donuts.....a MUST see at least once while in Portland.
    I LOVE to see the Goonies house as well as the school from Kindergarten Cop!!! I love getting to the Oregon Coast....sooo beautiful!!!


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