Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Porter Potties

So many of you may know that my best little friend is a Bolivian bombshell (ok - I think she's a bombshell). 

Anyhow - because she's from Bolivia, occasionally she mixes up words or doesn't always get words right.  So the other day my little Lou (only I can call her Lou) posts on her facebook:

Emphasis on "Porter Potties."  Now when I see Lina make these little errors I laugh and tell her the correct way to spell or pronounce the word.  In this case, I told her via Facebook Chat why some people were making comments about the "Porter Potties" and here is her response:

Ok - so she actually looked it up online!  Well then shame on Google for not telling her.
Except when I googled "porter potties" something completely different popped up.  

Oh Lou
Enough said

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