Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Eastern Sierra Hot Springs?

One thing I have always always always wanted to do is visit one of the MANY hot springs in the Eastern Sierra.  I always hear about them, I always read about them in books, I JUST WANT TO GO!

So one day Aaron and I decided to seek out some of these hot springs.  We visited 1 just to find out we were lost and had no idea where to find it.

1 down.

We visited a second one just to find out it is only filled in the morning so by the evening time the water is cold.

2 down.

We visited the third one just to find out it was PERFECTLY WARM and big enough for several people.  This is great because I love making friends!


All of these "friends" were naked.  

I didn't make any friends needless to say.  Or take any pictures (is that appropriate to take pictures of yourself with naked people in the background?).  I guess I'm a little modest - but it was awkward looking up and HELLO FULL MOON!!  PUT THAT THING AWAY!!

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