Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Bloggy

One of the classes I am taking at UNR requires me to create a blog

A professional blog

Sadly, I believe my personal blog may be receiving more neglect than usual due to the requirement of blogging in my class.

The professor has a very novel concept with the creation of this blog. He wants us to market ourselves to the best of our ability, and he wants us to use a blog to do this. By blogging important matters and creating a professional brand for ourselves, it'll help us in the job market (hopefully).

His goal for us is to:
  • Blog 3 times a week
  • Tweet 3 times a day
  • Show up on the front page of Google with the top spots (after googling our name)
  • Create a professional brand

Is Little-redhead-who-is-stubborn-but-seemingly-happy-and-says-inappropriate-things a professional brand? That's the direction I'm moving :-)

I haven't created the bloggy yet, but when I do it'll be posted on this bloggy.  I'm playing favoritism with my personal bloggy over my "Professional Blog."

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