Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Quick Update!

Yahhhh class got out early which means I can give a tiny bit of attention to my neglected bloggy.

This week I had two presentations for school.  TWO!  (and this is a big deal, even though in my undergrad years I once had 4 presentation in a week.  and all 5 finals on 1 day).  Before winter break starts I have a 40-page paper, 1 website to create in C# and ASP.NET, and a homework assignment due.  I CAN SEE THE LIGHT! 

My mom and I went to see Burlesque this past weekend.  I LOVED IT!  It's one of those I-Have-To-Purchase-This-Movie-The-Day-It-Releases-And-Love-It-Like-Twilight-Fans-Love-Vampires kind of movies.  Yup.  Adored it. 
And it was funny because my Aunt called me the next day and told me "You have to watch this movie!"  Silly Aunt, I beat you to it!  My Grammy would have loved the movie.
It had Julianne Hough as an adorable little redhead.  I just can't get enough of this movie! 

That is all.
Happy Wednesday, I can't wait for the weekend!!  

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