Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hello School

I know you thought I'd leave you, but I'll never leave.

Not even if I could.

Not even to eat
Or sleep
Or play with friends
Or go on a date
Or go to events like everyone else my age is doing

No- I'm here for the rest of my life.  I teased you a bit when I graduated with my bachelor degree.  But I wanted to keep it a surprise that I'd be back the very next semester pursuing a master's degree.

I will stay with you, even on days I don't have class.  That's how dedicated I am to you.  Even after being at work since 7am, I'll come straight to you.  Dedication, I know.

Perhaps, when I'm finally done one of these years with my Master's degree, I may come back to pursue a nursing degree or HECK, maybe I'll become a doctor because I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH.

I know I have a life to live, but why live life when I could be in school.

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