Monday, June 21, 2010

Bloggys and Mags

I have become addicted.

I never understood why my  friends would bring magazines to the lake or pool when we would go.  "Whoooo wants to read a magazine?  BORING."  Kind of like when I was little with McDonalds french fries + Happy Meals... "Why wuold they put these in here? No one likes them."  Little did I know, I would become a french fry addict.

Currently I am ADDICTED to magazines.  It's a recent development.  I love the recipes.  The tips.  The eye openers.  The DIY.  I've been reading a lot of the fitness-y ones because I feel like they keep me slightly motivated to stop eating french fries.  My parents get "Sunset" at their house, and I've read the two they currently have a few times now.  Like I'm going to find something I missed the first time around or something.  Poor Aaron gets to hear me say, "Look at this recipe!  I'M GONNA MAKE IT!" a little too often.

And Bloggys!  I LOVE finding new blogs and reading them.  I'm totally addicted.  And I love when my friends make new posts (hint hint) so I can catch up on their life.  I love looking at the pictures, and I love hearing rants about things I've ranted about before.  It's wonderful. 

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  1. I love to hear, see your new postings! I wish I could have one of my own, but I'm Blog challenged. Take pictures this weekend and have fun! M


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