Friday, March 06, 2015

January Girl Trip - Oregon Coast (Cannon Beach)

Because I went on a blogging hiatus, I thought I'd post a quick trip recap.

In January a girlfriend and I took a quick weekend trip down to the coast.  She has a friend who has a beach house and let us use it for the weekend.  Saweeeet!

There's something about the Oregon coast.  The smell.  The air.  I love it all.  LOVE.

So we packed up our hiking gear and headed to the coast for a weekend of diet-breaking, hiking, beach-exploring, and crepes.

We seriously lucked out, as the weather was gorgeous considering it was January.  No rain the entire trip and blue skies - mega win.

On Sunday we went on a hike (that I can't remember the name of…) that made us work for the views.  While the hike itself wasn't too terribly difficult, the mud factor was at an all time high.  But hey - it made for fun photos and a fun story :-)


  1. these photos are gorgeous! what a fun girl trip!!

  2. So fun! Love it! Cannon Beach is my favorite place on the Oregon Coast.

  3. Fantastic photos! This looks like an amazing trip.

  4. Gorgeous photos! That looks and sounds like a fantastic weekend.


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