Monday, July 15, 2013

I Cringe

The fiance inspired this post after replacing the toilet paper this week.  Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful he added a new roll, but it made me realize the little things that make me cringe.  And these don't include the obvious "your/you're" and "they're/their/there" peeves.  That's for a different day.  These are my own little peeves.

I'm not saying any of these are right or wrong, they're just weird little quirks I've developed in my 26 years of existence.

Wrong way toilet paper

If you ask me, there's a wrong way and a right way to load the toilet paper.  If I see toilet paper loaded the wrong way, I absolutely have to switch the TP.  I'm not sure where this peeve originated from and why not many people notice it, but it's one of those things that I'm trying to train my significant other on. 
I don't care if you leave the toilet seat up, down, off, WHATEVER.  But please, PLEASE, load the TP the right way.  KTHANKS.
**P.S.  He has since changed the TP :-)  Thanks lover

Where you AT

This one came from my step-dad.  He made sure to tell me for as long as I can remember that you never end a sentence in a preposition.  "Where you at" should clearly be "Where are you."  I get it.  It's true. But every time I hear someone say, "Where are they at?" I cringe a little inside.

Okay I cringe a lot bit.

Toward vs. Towards

Obviously toward is the correct version.

Actually, I remember the exact day that I made the decision "toward" was the correct version.  I asked my English teacher in the 10th grade which one was correct and she gave me one of those, "I think both?" answers.  So I made my own answer, and chose "toward."  It makes me feel intelligent, even though it makes no difference.

No Problem

This is another step-dad peeve.  Actually, I could probably write an entire post of little quirks I've developed from his proper-etiquette-ness.

But I digress.

I'm now that person that cringes when I hear someone say, "No problem" and silently think, "Well I didn't realize it WAS a problem."  When we would go to dinner we always seemed to get the 20-something college boy whose programmed response to any question was, "No Problem."  As soon as he walked away, John's first reaction was, "Well thanks - I didn't realize it was a problem."

I get it.  I mean, it's being overly critical and he's not doing it to be that guy.  But he was doing it to point out to me how a response like that can imply different things to different people.

This re-surfaced the other day when the fiance and I were walking and a biker was riding past us.  Polly wanted to play with the biker and we laughed and said, "We think she likes you!"

His response?  "No problem."
I instantly thought, "I didn't realize it was a problem."
I'm that guy.


"I literally just ate 600 pounds of sushi."  When I see things like this I just want to copy/paste the definition of "literally."  Some people are "literally" happy - they use it in every sentence.  Even exaggerated sentences.

Replace the word "literally" with "actually" and see if your sentence still makes sense.
"I actually just ate 600 pounds of sushi."
You didn't actually eat 600 pounds of sushi?  Then you didn't literally eat it either.

Now that I've made everyone feel like I'm a total jerk with my pet peeves, I think I'll leave it at that :-) Happy Monday, friends!

P.S.  Anyone else have any weird quirks/peeves?


  1. I'm TOTALLY literally happy - I say it all the time, ha. But to redeem myself, may I say that I absolutely think the same thing when someone says no problem? I don't even know where mine came from, but that just rubs me the wrong way.

  2. do you ever watch how i met your mother? they have a whole episode about how robin uses literally incorrectly. it's too funny.

  3. ROFL!!! The TP thing TOTALLY annoys me - put it on the "right" way...
    I get annoyed by people wanting to "axe you a question". UGH!

  4. The toilet paper, I literally change it every time I see is wrong. Ha!

  5. Haha- what a great list of awful things that happen in our lives. I'm sadly a 'no problem' person but will make a change starting LITERALLY this minute. ;)

  6. YES! Haha! amazing post. My personal peeve is "those ones." You don't need the "ones!"

  7. Well sadly in my bathroom the roll just sits there. and i've been with a person who was like that and heck his mom would even come to the house change it the other way coming from the back. i'm like um no wrong way. and change it again or being told to get angel soft and not charmin. or sparkle paper towels smh makes me wanna scream

  8. Hahahaha I say literally when I'm boozy.

  9. totally agree, there is definitely a wrong way to put the toilet paper, had to teach my husband this when we moved in!

    Cute blog, new follower :)


  10. Haha - I have the same exact Pet Peeves :)

  11. I totally agree about the toilet paper thing - it drives me nuts if it's the wrong way too! And I also get nitpicky about dangling prepositions too :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. Hahahaha this is so funny and a great idea for a post. Might snag it. The toilet paper thing I learned from MY fiance. It's HIS pet peeve. Sheesh! I didn't know there was a right/wrong way!


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