Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wowee busybusy

I have been a BUSY GIRL!  I never thought I would ever say this... or it would ever come to this... but I have been too busy to even TEXT or FACEBOOK!  What!!? 

I finally have a minute to sit down and write a bloggy.  My poor bloggy has been so neglected.  After this I may try to respond to a few emails/facebook messages as well.  What a busy life.

So my job is AWESOME.  I lovelovelove it!  I have learned so much in this past week, and it's not even the beginning.  I will have so many responsibilities, it's a little scary to think about just how much responsibility I will be given.  My boss is wonderful - my first day she brought a co-worker and myself lunch, and the second day there were DONUTS for breakfast!!  DONUTS!!  Then, on Friday, she took us to lunch at Thai Lotus (so yummy, P.S.).  She has really pushed me this week to learn and to totally 100% understand everything I am doing.  I wish I could go into further detail, but I would be here forever.  But just to get it out there, I LOVE my new job.  I'll have to get used to wearing a suit every day to work, but it's nice to look professional so I'm sure it won't take long :-)

I apologize to everyone whose text/voicemail/email I haven't responded to.  It almost seems like the more busy you get, the more calls and messages you get as well.  My phone is CONSTANTLY dead.  The other day I got off work to 47 emails.  47?!  And these aren't work emails.  These are facebook emails and notifications and personal emails.  47!!  From the voicemails, texts, and emails, my battery is dead before I even get to my phone.

So I apologize for those I haven't texted back.  I get off of work and go STRAIGHT to school until 10pm, and sometimes the last thing I want to do is even look at my phone.  I just want to go to bed.

Also, Aaron and I just celebrated our 2-year Anniversary!!  TWO YEARS!  I'll have to post pictures of our Saturday climb at Phantom Spires.  On Friday, we went on a fancy date to Kitchen 19 in Harvey's up at Lake Tahoe.  We stayed up at Tahoe as well, then went climbing Saturday.  It was a ton of fun :-)
And today I visited my dad up at Donner because... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!  Old man!  Aaaaand HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANTE!! 

Ok the end!!


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    How awesome is it to have a job that challenges you each day?! Keep after it, you're already amazingly successful and it can only get better and better from here. Thanks for the posting.

    -Your not-so-secret admirer

  2. Now if only you would make a post or two!! :-) I say you start with this weekend and your pictures.

  3. yay! so happy you love your new job! I know what you mean about being busy. My phone is constantly dead and I go straight for school to home after my 12 hr! I got your text and I will try to talk with you soon. I am coming home for thanksgiving and going to the Boise game!!! Love you ginger.


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