Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wisdom Teefers

On Thursday, I got the dreadful wisdom taken out of my teeth.  Four of my teeth are now less wise. And my cheeks are more poofy.

(Day #1:  I had my boyfriend and puppy keeping me company.)

Surprisingly, it hurts a lot more than I thought it would (for a lot longer as well). I thought I'd be out for all day Thursday, and feeling better by the end of Friday in time for a fun Saturday and Sunday. Nopers.

I'm still dependent on Percocet. I'm still using the funny looking sock wrapped around my face. My cheeks are slightly bruised. And I look like I'm smuggling peanuts in my mouth. I can't open my mouth very wide. All I want is a taco or meaty spaghetti. And I want my mouth to stop bleeding every time I eat anything other than applesauce.

 (Day #2:  Taking another nap with my puppy, b/c sleeping is all I seem to be able to do)

But either way, I am glad to have finally gotten my wisdom teefers out! Hopefully I will be off of the percocet soon!! And hopefully I'll get to eat something YUMMY! But for now, I am stuck with applesauce and a depleted bank account.


  1. wisdom teeth are the worst. I am sorry little friend. You will make it through! My parents couldn't afford to have all four out at one time so I had to have the first two out and then I got to go back and have the second two out. It was the worst!

  2. Oh no Ginger you have to do them again?! I would never. This has been MISERBALE!!


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