Thursday, October 28, 2010

Speak Now

I've never followed bands/music artists too terribly much. 
N'Sync and Backstreet Boys... eh. 
Brittney Spears... eh.
I thought George Straight was a hunk... but we won't discuss that.

Then came along TSwift.  

I can't get enough! I download all of her new singles.  I blast her songs.  I listen to them over and over.  I'm not an obsessed fan like a lot of people, but I'm definitely a fan.

She's a wonderful girl.  She's very humble and she adores her fans.  She writes incredible songs that everyone can relate to.  She really is a superstar.

HER NEW CD IS OUT!!!  I have been listening to it nonstop.  I get excited when I have to drive somewhere because it means TSWIFT!!  I'll even sit in my car for an extra 10-15 minutes just listening to the songs.  All of them.

1. "Mine"
2. "Sparks Fly"
3. "Back to December"
4. "Speak Now"
5. "Dear John"
6. "Mean"
7. "The Story of Us"
8. "Never Grow Up"
9. "Enchanted"
10. "Better Than Revenge"
11. "Innocent"
12. "Haunted"
13. "Last Kiss"
14. "Long Live" 

I really can't pick my favorite yet.  Her revenge song is wonderful :-)  I love Speak Now.  And Haunted.  And Last Kiss.  And... ALL OF THEM.

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