Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Heart - Vesper Peak

My heart could not have been more happy this past weekend.

Aaron and I were supposed to hike Mount Saint Helens. However after reading reviews of recent trip reports we decided we'd wait until winter to hike the mountain.

 Plus I've been wanting to hike Vesper Peak for some time now, so it seemed like a perfect weekend to cross that off our list.

 Vesper Peak is about 4100 feet elevation gain and 9 miles. There's a completely-clear lake on your way, and amazing views at the summit.

 We chose to backpack the mountain so that we could overnight it and breathe some mountain air.

 And friends - it was amazing.

 If these photos don't make you totally swoon over the mountains then we can't be friends :-)

 Jk jk I love you all.

We started off at about noon on Friday since yours truly took some time off work.
A Friday start was perfect - we were one of four groups on the trail so we practically had it entirely to ourselves.

Why is that perfect?
…because you get the pick of the litter when it comes to campsites.

I had a hard week since my car decided to blow a head gasket costing me $2800.

My little heart was broken for my little car.
… and my wallet.
Actually, my heart was entirely broken for my wallet.

So this trip was exactly what the doctor ordered.

On our way down Aaron noticed the aquamarine colored water and had to stop.  The river was gorgeous!  If that's all we did the entire trip I still would have been a happy camper.

This was our original camping spot.  
Then Aaron told me you're not allowed to camp within 100 feet of a water source.
So I panicked thinking the cops were going to get us.

Summit shot!!

Summit proof!

Do the views get any better than this?
The answer is nope.

Home means Nevada

Monday, June 08, 2015

Weekend Recap

I wish I could say, "Happy Monday!" but it is a difficult Monday for this gal!

 The weather has surpassed my 85-degree comfort level.
Living in the PNW has made me a total wuss when it comes to heat, especially with our non-air-conditioned home!
When I went to bed last night it was 82 degrees inside so needless to say I got very little sleep.
 But hey! At least I got a good sweat in which helps shed water-weight right?! #sarcasm

I'm struggling through this Monday morning so I thought I'd post a super quick weekend recap.

Nothing crazy or extravagant. I sprained my ankle last weekend hiking Dog Mountain - so this weekend was low key so that my ankle could heal for our upcoming Mt. Saint Helens climb.

 A girlfriend and I decided to play it cool (no pun intended) at the river since Sunday was going to be in the 90's (again - see: Heat-Wuss. I blame the red hair).

The river is all fun and games until someone decides to swim under water. Apparently when you "kick" under water it requires ankle strength.
 Hard core ankle strength.
And you don't realize it until you have a sprained ankle.

So here we are, Monday morning, with my little brace back on.
Ashley fail. 

But regardless we had a great day in the sun! And Saturday afternoon I got to see that husband of mine. When the temperature increases, apparently so does crime. So being married to the PO-lice means I see him very little during the warmer months. But hey! One afternoon is better than no-afternoons :-)

Bella And The City

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Getting Ready!

It recently occurred to me that I haven't really posted many of our wedding photos!  I kept waiting for the perfect moment to post then would forget to upload my photos.

So - a little late - but here are photos from our wedding!

I kicked Aaron out of the house first thing in the morning so the gals could get ready.  Here are the two different messages that were heard/sent:

Ashley:  "Aaron - you need to be ready Friday night to leave first thing in the morning while the girls use the cabin to get ready.  You'll go to my dads cabin with the guys and get ready there."
Aaron:  "I get to wake up in the morning, go rock climbing, come back to our cabin and leisurely get ready."

Two different messages.

Needless to say in the peak of dress-wearing-and-makeup-wearing Aaron shows up at the cabin ready to take his shower and get ready.

Communication gaps at their finest!

BUT it was still a wonderful morning spent with some of my most favorite women :-)

The Girls

The Boys

Mom chatting with Aaron pre-first-look


Monday, June 01, 2015

Dog Mountain Hike

Last year Aaron and I hiked Dog Mountain and I got my butt kicked.

I remember stopping at every switchback I possibly could for a drink of water and a time-out to rest my lungs.  People were passing us and I felt totally defeated.  I had been working out so I was confident in my hiking abilities but remembered feeling like Dog Mountain whooped my butt.

I've been dying to hike Dog Mountain this year as the wild flower pictures have been GORGEOUS.  There's a short window to view the wild flowers, and while we sliiiightly missed it we still caught a glimpse of the flowers.

But the best part?

This time I whooped Dog Mountain's butt.  The only time we stopped was once to get a drink of water.  I pushed through that hike like it was nobody's business and you bet your BOOTY that I was damned proud of myself at the top of that hike.

The hike was gorgeous.  It's about 7 miles round trip and 2,800 feet elevation gain so it's decently steep (but nothing NEAR Rock of Ages hike).

I just can't even with this picture.  Between Polly's princess-ness, and those muscles holding her I just want to squeeze them both!

We did the entire hike in just under 3 hours.  We would have finished even faster BUT I managed to injure myself less than halfway down.

I rolled my ankle and went DOWN.  HARD.  Aaron was worried about my knee since I landed entirely on my right side, but I was worried about my ankle that hurt so bad it took my breath away.  

I was super proud of myself that I managed to {eventually} stand back up without crying once.  

Buuuuuuuuut then it happened a second time about 20 feet from the trailhead.  I rolled the same ankle, went DOWN, and started bawling.  
It hurt like a mother trucker.

… and still hurts like a mother trucker.  Just waiting for the swelling to subside so I can get off the couch and back to my fitbit steps!

Officer McDreamy taking care of me

Bella And The City