Friday, October 29, 2010

Aaron Loves Bees

Bee/Bug/Insect lovers:  Don't read this :-)

When Aaron and I were in Colorado, we decided to eat at Panera Bread because Aaron had NEVER tried it before (we don't have one in Reno).

We were enjoying the beautiful weather outside eating our yummy salads listening to classical music that Aaron made fun of the entire time by talking in a "sophisticated" British accents (apparently our accents don't scream SOPHISTICATION). 

Then a bee visits our salads. 
Aaron gets very defensive of his salad,
He made sure to protect his food which the bee didn't like.

So the bee BIT Aaron.

Then Aaron killed the bee...

.... and displayed it for other bees to see...

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  1. That buzz sucker had some POWERFUL jaws! I remember my hand hurting for about a week afterwards!


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