Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Night in the Country

This past weekend was the country music festival called A Night in the Country (Website) in Yerington, NV.  The performing artists this year were: Diamond Rio, Terri Clark, Chuck Wicks, and Blake Shelton (headliner).  To sum it all up, it's camping + country concerts + booze + friends + cowboy boots.  it doesn't get better than that :-)

We camped with the same people we camped with last year... I like to refer to it as "Brett and co."  We were in TENT CITY and we were part of the minority camping in tents.  The lucky ones had RVs = Air Conditioned Luxury.  There were probably close to 10 tents in our group, ours held 5 girls (Me, Kimmy, Leslie, Marie, and Ryann).

Last year, we all arrived with our country boots, an ice chest, and a tent.  So this year we came a little more prepared with an EASY UP for the crazy July heat.  Luckily we had 4 Easy Ups total so we had plenty of shade.

At the end of the night, Kimmy and I made friends with the guys at the KBUL tent trying to get free stuff.  Yes, we were those girls.  BUT we walked away with free tickets to the Knitting Factory show, some CD's, chapstick, and most importantly: MEET AND GREETS!!  Unfortunately, we missed the memo that we were supposed to arrive before 5pm to receive our meet and greets so we forfeited them.  Sad mittens, I know.

I also ran into my favorite ginger, it was so glad to get my dance on with her :-)  One of the booths this year had STRAWBERRY margaritas and they were amazing!  So delicious, probably the best selling item all night (at least according to my wallet).

The next day we went to the pool in Yerington.  The heat is unbearable so it's the best bet there is because we can get ready in the bathrooms before the show.  A lot of the kids our age go to the river and get trashed, but we were ready for some relaxing pool time with children and old men.  After we got ready we prepared for Night #2!  We again put on our dancing boots.

After the concert, Marie and I wandered around the camps for a bit.  I wish I would have gotten a picture because it's hard to describe the campsite area.  Basically, it's rows and rows of RVs and tents, and at night time it's one massive party!  You walk around the area, run into old friends, and conveniently make new friends.  It's a ton of fun!  This isn't something I would typically do... I've always stayed away from the party scene, but there's something so summer-y and country about camping in a field with country music blaring everywhere!!

So the second night Marie, Brett, and I were walking around and dancing at one of the campsites (there were probably 50 people dancing there) and Marie yells "I lost my phone!!"  So here we are, the three of us looking for her phone in a massive field of DUST with too many people around.  I'm creepily feeling around everyone's dancing feet... I think everyone was thinking I was crazy.  I even got one boy to lend me his massive mag-light so I could at least SEE something.  We checked the port-a-potty, we checked the truck, we checked everywhere and Marie finally found her phone!! .... in her pocket.  We took a photo for giggles.
Oh, hello phone.

That was my wonderful weekend in Yerington, NV :-)

P.S. I lost my ID :-(  If anyone finds an ID of a little redhead named Ashley Cray, I'd like it back please ok thanks.


  1. such a wonderful time I am so glad I got to be there with you!

  2. awesome pictures!! I wish I had taken more pictures! Maybe meet you next year!


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