Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jake Owen!!!

So this last weekend I went to the Jake Owen concert at the Knitting Factory with my cousin Sam, and friend since 7th grade Lisa Cohen.  While waiting in line, Sam ventures off to find where we purchase tickets.  While she's on the phone explaining the ticket process, Lisa is talking to a man asking her some questions.  Before I know it, I get off the phone and the man is handing us MEET AND GREET passes to meet JAKE OWEN!!!!!!!  Thank you to Lisa for answering whatever question he was asking CORRECTLY!

So after one of the most AMAZING concerts I think I've ever been to (next to Taylor Swift), we got to meet JAKE OWEN!!  I couldn't be more excited.  Finally, the pictures posted on his website!!!  When I met him I walked right up to him, gave him a hand shake and said, "I'm Ashley!!"  He goes, "Did you have fun?  You looked like you were, I saw you dancing the entire time."  JAKE OWEN SAW ME DANCING!  I wanted to say "Yep that was ME!  Dancing!  The whole time!  Dancing!  ME!"  But instead I played it cool and and said something along the lines of, "It was an amazing concert!" 

Not only did I get to meet Jake Owen, but he saw me DANCING!  Weeeeee!

Dear Jake Owen,  I should be in your next country music video!  

(P.S.  Being in a country music video is my lifelong goal.  It'll happen one day.  You'll see.)


  1. Babe, you could totally be in a country video with that auburn hair of yours! (So long as the singer dude is butt-ugly :-)

  2. Hahaha I just saw this comment - thanks!! Love it.


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