Monday, April 19, 2010

About Me

My name is Ashley Cray.  My little “about me” portion of my profile is my favorite and describes a lot of my quirks and personality traits, but it doesn’t go into detail.  I am 23 which is a scary age to me.  It’s that age where you should have your own responsibilities.  Yes, parents can help you to a certain extent, but it is my belief that at 23 and a college graduate I should be paying my own rent, buying my own car, and doing my best to live my own life.  On the flip side, I still beg my mom to come with me to every Doctor Appointment, I still call my dad for help cooking, and my step-dad still does my taxes.  Hey, I’m not entering the big kid world cold turkey!

 (Step-dad, Me, Mom, Brother Matt, Dad)

My undergraduate degree is Information Systems from the College of Business.  Unfortunately, some very important information slipped through COBA and upon getting ready to receive my diploma I found out I still have FIVE more credits!!  Five credits of anything.  PEX classes.  Education Classes.  Business classes.  ANYTHING.  Just 5 random meaningless credits.  So concurrently with these 5 random credits, I am also taking graduate classes to pursue my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).  After Fall 2010, I’ll only have 7 more classes left for the MBA program and I’ll be a proud recipient of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration!!

Another important tidbit about me is I was adopted when I was 6 years old.  I’m not embarrassed to talk about it.  I actually talk about it quite frequently.  One thing that REALLY offends me more than anything is when people ask me about my “real” parents.  

Oh no no

Once you do this, you open the discussion to “real” vs “fake” family and I am going to tell you my opinion.  The people who raised me are my “real” parents, and the people who gave birth to me are my “biological” parents.  It just means I have several families, it  doesn't mean one is superior to the other.  My parents had a son (my brother) Matt before adopting me, and people often ask “so is he your real brother or…” to which they can’t finish the sentence.  Or what?  Or… fake?  Yes he’s my “real” brother, he’s a REAL BOY!  Is he biological?  No.  But who cares?  
 My favorite poem describes my understanding of my adoption and heredity vs environment.

(Embracing my red hair as Little Mermaid)

In addition, another important fact about me is I have red hair and I EMBRACE it!  When I was younger I wanted to be as blond as I could be (I wanted to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson).  I hated my freckles.  Now I love them.  I have odd freckles on my lips that I feel look like food remains occasionally.  I also find silver (not gray) hairs quite frequently.  My mom used to call them “Silver Angel Hairs” and refer to my freckles as “A face without freckles is like a night without stars.”  Thanks mam.

Lastly, I’m weird.  I’m inappropriate and I have no filter.  I’ve always wanted to be the serious, classy, wonderfully beautiful girl who wear pearls and never leaves the house without makeup.  Eff that!  Makeup makes my eyes water.  I’d dress a little more beautiful, but I dearly miss my bank account every time I try to be somewhat fashionable. 
Instead, I’ll rock the ponytail with no makeup. 
I’ll say the word “SEX!” just to see what everyone’s reaction is. 
I don’t glide down the hallway, I stomp. 
I’m too loud often times. 
I have a horrible poker face (it’s more of a “I can’t stop giggling” face.)
If I don’t wash my hair for 3 days, that’s ok :-)
I love wearing jewelry, but I usually don’t because I always lose it.
I am UNORGANIZED and try so hard to change that
My purse is a MESS
I always have at least 2 bruises on me, and I never know where they come from.
And every time I eat sushi, I manage to get rice in my hair.  HOW?!  NO idea.

I could go on for days.  But basically, I consider myself weird.  I am sensitive.  I hate being alone.  I love having girlfriends. I love wearing costumes. I love my red hair.  I love my “biological” family and my “real” family.  I am easily offended.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I love feeling pretty the few times I can actually make the effort.  My friends call me ACray, some call me Red.  I love to text.  I think I’m a good driver (don’t we all).  I cry.  I love going to the movies.  Most times, I’d prefer to stay in and watch a movie than go out and party.  I’m 23, but pride myself on looking 18.

I love to laugh.


  1. loved it little friend. And I <3 you!

  2. I'm so lucky to have you as my kite!!! Love you!!!

  3. I love BOTH of you! Thank you both for commenting :-) It makes me so happy!

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