Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Sur

April 2-4 2010

Aaron and I went to Big Sur as part of my birthday present (from Aaron).  We decided to take my car, because we usually take his when we go somewhere.  We started the trip off wonderfully; it was snowing over the pass and chain requirements were being enforced.  I've never driven my little problematic Jetta in chains before, so I was stressed (to say the least).  Aaron popped out of the car and strapped on my chains in the snow.  NATURALLY, almost every warning light comes aside from my coolant and oil.  I cry.  We still have 5 hours to go, and my car is already breaking down!  Aaron finds it funny that one of my warning lights says "Abs Fault" which lightens up the mood.  Slightly. 

So finally after Aaron unstrapped my chains (in the rain and slush) we were on our way to Southern California.  And I drove the entire way!  I don't think I have ever driven that far on my own before :-)  At least I didn't get car sick!

Big Sur was beautiful.  While we were driving along the coast, it was dark so we couldn't see what we were actually driving through until the next morning which proved to be a beautiful drive.  Green lush trees, endless coast lines, wildflowers galore.  It was wonderful.  We woke up the next morning and got breakfast at the Big Sur Lodge (which took AN HOUR AND A HALF!), then explored 2 different areas.  The first hike was Buzzard's Roost which is a 5 mile hike with coastal views.  The hike was beautiful, however the view from the top wasn't what we expected.  We were expecting coastal cliffs right above the water.  Rather, there were just ocean views.  Slightly anticlimatic.  But still beautiful!

After that hike, we went to the Pfeiffer Beach and climbed a coastal cliff.  The winds were so strong it was hard to keep your footing in some areas!  The top was beautiful, and the people below on the beach looked tiny.  We stayed long enough to snap a few pictures, give a few mushy kisses, and then we peaced out.

After the beach, we drove to Monterey and had our first Monterey Bay Aquarium experience!  It was AMAZING!!  There were sharks bigger than my dad, jelly fish the size of my head, horse fish, EVERYTHING!  It was an amazing experience, and Monterey was beautiful.  I can't wait to go back!

Unfortunately the weather over the pass wasn't looking too splendid, and Aaron didn't fancy putting chains on again, so we booked it back to Sacramento, stayed the night there, then made it over the pass by 11am as the snow was just beginning.

It was a wonderful trip.  I would recommend this to anyone!!

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  1. I'm so proud of your mad driving skills little one!


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