Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday Thought Day

I strongly dislike commercials on the radio that have car noises.
Car Honks
Car Beeps
And so on...

IT FREAKS ME OUT.  My poor Jetta beeped all of the time, so anytime I hear I beep, I prepare for engine failure.  Or leaking coolant.  Or the epic "STOP" light.
And is it really necessary to put a life-like honking noise on the radio?  I panic thinking I'm having a near-death-car-crash experience that will hit me any second.

Oh don't you worry your little face off
It's just the damned radio commercial

I also have decided that I gravitate toward bloggys that have pictures.  If I don't know the person, I want to creep the person as much as I possibly can.  Pictures enable this creep-behavior.

With that being said.... if you decide to creep me you'll find a strange little redhead who has an affinity for crossing her eyes, doesn't have any tolerance for pain (or alcohol), and has only ever taken 1 kissy-face photo in her entire life (which clearly needs to be posted).

MacBook <3

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