Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Luck o' the Irish?

Am I even Irish?  I know I have red hair, but Jenn has red hair and she's not Irish.

Anywho, I felt like making a post on my lucky winnings lately.  Seriously, I should be investing in the lottery.

Within the past year, I have won:
  • A trip to the bahamas
  • Backstage passes to meet Jake Owen (well, actually, Lisa won them)
  • Sugarland 5th row concert tickets
  • Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum Tickets
  • Moola Palooza Tickets
  • Subway Prize Pack
Uhmm... that's all I can think of right now, but pretty sweet right?!  I'm totally on a roll.

House Update:  I realize I will need more than I realize.  Little things that you take for granted (NOTE:  NOT "GRANITE"...  Pet Peeve is when people say "take it for granite").  Things like a microwave, coffee table, toaster, cutting boards, decoration, etc.  I can't wait! 


  1. its actually a german trait to have red hair. I did discover one part of my family that is irish somewhere along the line. You can send it your DNA to the Human Genome Project and they might give you some insight :)
    Anyway. A trip to the bahamas!? WHAT? thats AMAZING! Super jealous. Miss your face.

  2. Perhaps I am German then! ah-stoo-bleef :-) Miss you, I love reading your blog. And I have tons of ideas for our super-secret-do-gooder-save-the-children-mission!

  3. yay! I love that name! perfecto!


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