Monday, September 19, 2016

Sieczkowski's do Spain

As you may or may not remember the hubs and I had a failed travel attempt to  Peru earlier this year. While the first few days were AMAZING, the trip ended in a horrible stay in a Peruvian ICU.

We both had about 1.5 weeks off from work in September to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and randomly decided to try our hands at traveling abroad again.  

This time:  Spain

Hubs has been wanting to travel to Mallorca after seeing pictures of Chris Sharma deep water soloing (rock climbing).  We did our research, looked at prices, and decided it would be PERFECT for the two of us.  

There would be enough adventuring for the hubs, and some beautiful beaches to relax on.

We spent 2.5 days in Barcelona - I really like to consider these the jet-lag days.  We spent most of our time peeling our eyelids up and trying not to sweat through our clothes in the 95+ humidity weather.

.... we weren't very successful.

But that's ok, because by the time we got to Mallorca we were fully awake and ready to explore!

I'll share some photos from the trip but I'll probably post more detailed posts later on.  For now I'd like to leave you with a few observations I made during our stay in Spain:

1.  Smokers.... everywhere.  
The hubs and I struggled with the amount of smoking in Spain.  We'd find ourselves running to walk in front on someone so that we wouldn't be behind their plume of smoke, only to be caught behind someone else smoking again.

From eating breakfast/lunch/dinner to walking on the beaches, you can't escape the cigarette smoke.  Maybe I'm just overly sensitive to it, but it will make me reconsider visiting Europe any time soon.

2.  No Cell Phones
Ok.... not period.  But at one point I asked Aaron if he noticed how the teenagers were actually talking to each other and not glued to their cell phones.  Very rarely would we see any one sitting at a park bench with their nose glued to their phone.  They'd be engaging in conversation with others, watching people, reading a newspaper, eating, etc.  

And it was the teenagers especially who shocked me the most.  They'd be in groups talking to each other and not ONE would have a cell phone out!  

How refreshing.

3.  Selfie sticks are worshipped.
What. A. Crackup.  EVERYONE had selfie sticks.  There were even vendors at the main tourist attractions that would rent them for the silly tourists who forgot theirs.  At first we thought it was a joke - then we realized it was real.

For now I leave you with my few observations above, and some photos from our journey.  I apologize ahead of time for the poor image quality.  Adios!

Park Guell

Sa Calobra

Cliff jumping - Mallorca

La Sagrada Familia


  1. The smoking would seriously bother me too! And I love that people there aren't glued to the phone. That is one thing I really hate about our American culture.

  2. The amount of selfie sticks were unbelievable. I seriously couldn't.

  3. This looks absolutely beautiful! That water is gorgeous. Such a bummer about the smoking though.


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