Monday, March 02, 2015

Update + Munra Point

Bad Ashley.  Bad, bad Ashley.

I really have no excuse for my bloggy hiatus.  Really I've just been busy with work, and by the time I get home I'm lazy.  Pure lazy.  I've been clocking mad Netflix hours and cuddle time with the pups, but my poor bloggy has been neglected.

So I thought I'd make up to you all with some pictures from our Valentines Day hike!  I've been dying to do Munra Point, so I dragged that husband of mine to the gorge for a WONDERFUL hike.

If you're in the Portland area and looking for a fun hike, I most definitely recommend Munra Point.  It's extremely steep (it's listed as "strenuous" for a reason) but the viewpoint at the top is totally worth it.

What's better is, even on a clear sunny PNW day, the hike was barely crowded.  Definitely unusual for the Gorge area so we'll take it :-)  

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  1. OHhhh my goodness this place is gorgeous. And Flowers start in April!!! :):):)


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