Monday, November 11, 2013

What HE puts up with

I would LOVE to sit here and tell my pretty friends and family that I'm perfect, and an even MORE perfect significant other. 

But seriously guys, I'm no peach. 

I'm not entirely sure how he puts up with me, but he does.  If I were in his shoes, these would be my pain points:

I'm messy

Ask any of my roommates - I'm not tidy.  I mean I'm not dirty/filthy.  But I'm....cluttery.  I neeed those yoga pants right there on the floor.  How will I know where they are if they're put away?  And yes I neeed our bathroom counter to be littered with  different lotions, 2 different toothpastes, and lip gloss galore.  A box of tampons on the bathroom counter?  He has never ONCE complained.

That's a real catch, ladies.

I forget to turn off the oven

In all honesty, this is what inspired this post :-)  This is a nasty little habit of mine.  I don't know HOW people remember to turn the oven off.  The alarm is sounding, the food is hot, the steam gets in your face, the food NEEEEDS to be eaten asap.  The last thing I'm thinking of is turning the oven off.  Duh.

I'm insecure

If he had a dollar for every time I've called myself fat or insisted he checked out another girl, he'd be rolling in dough.  I wish I could say it's because he never calls me pretty or compliments my outfits, but that's quite the opposite.  Not only does he tell me how pretty I am and that he thinks I look great (even in the morning with yoga pants and bad breath), he also compliments my mom.  "Terry you look great today!"  She was astonished.
At the Astoria column

Beat it lady, he's mine.

I hate touching paper

Hate hate hate hate.  As much as I hate taking time off work.  Very few people really understand this about me.  So when someone hands me a receipt and I quickly throw it his way, he gets me.  If we fill out paperwork and someone hands me a copy, he'll take it for me.

Bedside Cups/Glasses/Tumblers

When the cupboards go empty and there aren't any cups left, your best guess is to check my night stand.  Where cups go to die.  I need ice water before bed, and because I was blessed with lazy bones it's easier to bring a new cup upstairs with me each night and accidentally forget to take it downstairs the next morning.

He deals with it.  And never has ONCE complained about the missing cups.

In truth, he doesn't  complain about anything.  Ever.  He calls me pretty.  Gives me love notes. And makes me laugh.

Boy did I luck out :-)


  1. but no really, how do you not turn of the oven? i am almost more intrigued than worried for your burning home...

  2. I always think I left the oven on or a candle burning and my poor husband has to go back inside all the time to check for me. I never actually do, just a little OCD here.

  3. Aw, it definitely sounds like you have a great guy. Love notes are the sweetest! Insecurity drives most guys absolutely crazy so it's great that he's understanding. As for the oven, don't turn the timer alarm off until you turn the oven off! You don't want to burn down your home!

  4. Hahahah "Where cups go to die" Classic.

  5. Love the note. Great pictures.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


  6. this is so cute!!!!!!!!

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  8. That is hilarious. I, too, usually need ice water before bed... "where cups go to die", you crack me up!! ;) when my hands are dry I hate touching paper!! I feel you! So excited for you and your man :)

  9. That's weird. Because I am PERFECT. I don't know how Eric got so lucky?!

    Ha ha, KIDDING!

    I am the same way with clutter! I know it looks like a mess but I know exactly where everything is!
    And crazy that you're insecure because you are GORG! But don't worry, the day you find out your going to have a baby girl is the day you'll stop being insecure. Or at least you'll stop voicing those insecurities out loud. My worst fear is to hear Mia say that she is ugly, or she's fat, or her skin sucks, orrrrrr whatever else I cry and complain about! (but seriously, you are GORGEOUS!)

  10. ahahahahah Ashley this blog is making me laugh!!! SO many of these are me to a T ... I literally do all of these things! The yoga pants(every time)...the cups! (all day everyday) and the oven! Steven laughs... Yes I am stalking your blogs right now btw haha but I love reading your writing its so entertaining so props! hehe


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