Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Let's talk BODY

I saw this fun little linkup on Babbling Brookelyn's bloggy.  At first I was a little unsure until I started reading her answers. 

It was one of those posts where you think, "Hey I want to play too!"

So here is me playing.

The Rules:

1. Be a dear and follow the host and co-host via GFC or Bloglovin' 

(or both if you're feeling extra kind.)

2. Remember to post the link up button on your blog or in your link up post for everyone to see.

3. Link up to a specific post (not just your main blog url).

4. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. :)

1. My toes cross.  I think it started out as me doing it when I was younger, for whatever reason,  But they're stuck that way now.  I had surgery on my right foot to correct the crossing (and remove my bunion) but little good that did.  My picture I'm trying really hard to hide my bunions.  AND bunionettes.  Basically I try to hide my hobbit feet whenever possible.

2. Itty Bitty Teefers.  I have tiny lateral incisors (those are the two teeth that are next to your two front teefers).  I've been meaning to get these bad boys veneered for quite some time so it doesn't look like I have holes in my mouth, buuuuuuut veneers are around $1,000 a pop and I'm just not made of that kind of spending money.

3. I have freckles on my lips.  They've always been there.  If you're a freckly person, you know that freckles come and go.  So occasionally I'll have some really super dark freckles for about a week until they start to fade away.  When they're that dark they look like food.  Numerous times I've had people tell me I have food on my lips.  No sweet poopsie - those are my freckles.

4. I have cankles.  And I swear if I hear anyone say one more time, "You're skinny, you don't have cankles" I'm going to punch a puppy.  If you take one look at my calves/cankles, you'll see that there's no beginning to my foot and no ending to my calf.  They blend and mesh.  

5.  I have a freakishly long torso and small legs.  I can sit next to a friend who is 5'11 and be as tall (if not taller).  It's like an optical illusion.  "Hey why is this 5'3 girl as tall as me when we're sitting down?"   To compensate for my long torso, my legs decided to not grow and my torso was having plenty of fun on its own.  I've had plenty of people ask me, "Are you sitting on a higher chair than me?"  No.  No that's just my torso playing tricks on you.



  1. my torso is really long, too. sitting definitely makes me look taller than i really am. and my husband has an off center gap, too! i love it. it's so quirky. thanks for linking up with us!!

  2. I love this!! I absolutely love this link-up, its great to see women not be so ashamed of themselves and to embrace their beauty!!! :)

  3. i think your freckles are adorable!

    i have bunny teeth: my two front teeth are big and the rest are smaller.

  4. Ha! I love all of the freckles on your lips, they are adorable

  5. ahh! i had a stupid boy in high school tell me i have cankles and have been self-conscious ever since! glad i am not the only one haha. also , i have wanted freckles ever since i was a little girl. i am very jealous of yours :) these posts were too fun!

  6. I have a long torso too.


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