Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best Birthday Ever

As Ashley Turney put it, "Welcome to the next 'box' on the age survey!"

It's a big birthday, but I didn't have a big celebration.  I'm in Portland with new people, new places, and a broken appendix! 

That didn't stop boyfriend from making sure we celebrated my birthday together.  While he wasn't supposed to get me a birthday gift (due to my super awesome Thule roof rack Valentines Day gift!!), he started off the morning with a bag full of goodies.

And let me tell you about this bag full of goodies.

  • First of all, the bag was adorable.  My Aunt Peggy would be proud.  And it would match my bathroom PERFECTLY.  Too stinkin' cute.
  • Second - MYTHOS Climbing Shoes!  My current climbing shoes suck.  They hurt.  Granted I have janky feet, but these shoes don't help.  When I slipped my ultra-wide foot into a pair of Mythos for the first time, it felt like butter.  (I'm sure if you put butter on your feet, this is what it would feel like)
  • I also got 2 books - Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest and Wow Guides - North Cascades.  I lovelove hot springs, and I can pick out hikes in the cascades that aren't "I want to die and never hike again" hikes :-)
  • And he got me a cute little green butterfly bookmark from Powell's books. 

We then went to a doctor appointment for my appendix, and got a TB test for my new jobby.  After, we went to Ready, Paint, Fire! to paint pottery which was super fun!  We were supposed to go to dinner afterward, but I was so pooped from walking everywhere and such a long day (thank you, appendicitis) that we came home and crashed.

But it was a great day!  I wouldn't have had it any other way :-)

Thank you EVERYONE for all of the birthday wishes!!  I am so luck to have such good friends and family!

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